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Ingrid Blixt

Ingrid Blixt

I am a visual artist, living and working in Lansing, Michigan.

Drawing is my primary medium, although I often incorporate in my work a wider variety of mediums and techniques: encaustic painting, printmaking,  digital illustration and painting, photography and alternative photography, metal/wood and fabric. Constantly experimenting with new techniques, my work expands and acquires new dimensions. Byzantine painting, christian philosophy and the work of philosopher and historian of religions, Mircea Eliade, deeply influence my work. Also, being originally from Romania I bring with my work the life experience of different cultural environment, which offers a distinctive characteristic to my work.

As a subject matter, the human dimension defines my interest and represents the main inspiration source. My travels around the country and also visiting back with my home country offers me a great source of inspiration, as well as my everyday experiences and interactions with people.

I focus on subtle generalities, common intimacies, and general valid truths, as: love, longing, death, hope– which will never become over-used subjects, because they are eternally embedded in human nature and we will always identify with them.