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Jennie Frederick

Jennie Frederick

Jennie Frederick lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has studied ancient crafts of textiles and papermaking extensively.  She is interested in the notion of textile structure as marker, using line, repetition, texture and symbol - particularly the circle- to represent events in time.  Her work holds influences and memories gathered in her observation and research.  The pieces become dimensional drawings or artifacts symbolizing people, places and actions.

The work begins with her cooking kozo (mulberry) fiber until pliable enough to form into gridded sub-structures.  Once flattened and dried, she uses these structures as the base for tying, sewing or weaving on more fibers and other materials such as thread, plastic and wire to build up the dimension of the works.  These additional elements play against the grid of the substructure while allowing the finished work to appear light, open, and linear thather than solid.

Recently she began using encaustic in her work, either by adding it directly to the kozo fibers or by printing encaustic monotypes with positive and negative impression of the fibers.  Some works become reliefs when she sews the actual fibers used for printing onto monotypes made with those fibers.

Jennie is a full time artist now after an extensive career in the Kansas City Arts Scene.