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Krista Reuter

Krista Reuter

Krista Reuter is an artist recognized for her hand cut and hand torn layered paper creations.  Her work is an exploration of light and shadow created from the space between the two-dimentsional and the three-dimensional.  She enjoys using abstract patterns and shapes found in nature as themes for these explorations.

In 2016 Krista's work was  publishd inStudio Visit Magazine and highlighted in a group exhibition in Door County featuring works created solely in paper titled, Pulp an Possibilities.

Paper is wonderful in its simplicity.  It is playful, delicate, colorless and colorful.  It reflects light and creates depth; and accepts embellishment beautifully.  These possibilities initiate my creative process which embodies both sculpture and installation.

My goal is for the work to appear minimal yet monumental and at the same time celebrate the handmade.  By playing with unconventional drawing tools, I can experiment with how a line can be formed by the impact of light reflections.  The result is that the art creates an almost poetic spatial experience comprising of both delicacy and strong definition.

For this reason, I use mainly monochromatic color schemes.  By paring down the language; setting boundaries and limiting my choices, it paradoxically allows me more freedom.  The process of reductive art is very challenging and you have to go thru a lot of work to reach a simple, honest statement.  I strive to have the confidence to say more with less.