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Helen Hierta

Helen Hierta

Helen Hierta's sculptures are inspired by personal meditations on the flow of we connect,  how we process, how we are one with the stars.  They are meditation totems encouraging our aspiration to find total harmony within self. 

Within her practice the recurring geometrics are metaphysical exchanges in both the creation and the encounter.  Each handmade piece is hollowed like a head then threaded onto an iron spine.  The ceramic shapes are their own entitty, their own color, sound, yet filtered together complete whole poems.

Yogic traditions teach a peaceful Kundalini energy coiled in rising from the pelvic floor up and around the spine and out through the crown, an amazing vision of the inner eco system.  The practice of meditation and breath work raises the power intentionally through body chakras centers of vibrational frequences, spinning wheels of life taking in or casting off energies.

The seven primary rainbow colors affect a simple framework to understand the chakra vibrational rhythms.  Deeper studies reveal the complexity of chakra auroric fields, with varying spectrums expressing individual health or enlightened understanding.  Numerous forces within us overlap as prismatic hues, and affirm that light is consciousness.