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Kathleen G. Beck

Kathleen G.  Beck

Color, light and composition must balance.  Kathleen's ideas are mostly triggered by nature....whether colorful as a flower's petals or as simple owl droppings.  Combining ideas in her head begins the process to create a piece of art.  Sometimes a drawing is helpful while other times, just total 'chaos' of a pile of glass shards becomes a finished piece by "playing" with color, texture and placement.  Kathleen continues to experiment and learn with each unique piece.

Many designs become mosaics even in her fused glass...placing tiny pieces of glass side by side, to create the flow of the design.  Transferring the piece from the work table to the kiln, setting the firing program and with the touch of a finger, the fusing begins.  The lid down tight, the glass starts to melt reaching 1500 degrees at peak temperatures.  The next stage cools the glass slowly to avoid bubbles or cracks.  Finally after 20+ hours, the kiln is ready to open.  With a wish and a prayer, lifting the top exposes the finished piece which is ready for cleanup and enjoyment.

Kathy owned and operated the Dovetail Gallery and was known as the Egg Lady of Egg Harbor as her art form at the time was carving and designing intricate egg shells.  After retirement, Kathleen is now able to play with glass and experiment with fused glass work.  Her work is available at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery which is the location of her former "Dovetail" gallery.