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Katherine Steichen Rosing

Katherine Steichen Rosing

Katherine Steichen Rosing's vividly colored paintings celebrate the vigor and persistence of life in forests and watersheds.  With an intense awareness of the threats facing these ecosystems, these paintings envision hidden energies and intricate relationships between even the most miniscule creatures.

Her paintings are developed in many layers with drawings, words and marks inscribed in wet paint, sometimes revealing the underpainting but often buried in subsequent layers of color.  These implanted inscriptions encrust the surface referencing invisible processes and microscopic forms and connections between forests, lakes and the hydrologic cycle.

Recent artist residencies at environmental research stations in Minnesota and Wisconsin profoundly influenced these paintings.  Rosing is also known for her somber immersive installations with suspended sculptural trees exploring climate and other connections to forests.

Her work is exhibited and collected across the United States and internationally.  She is an award winning artist who currently lives in Wisconsin.